We are open to hear from all restless minds out there. However, we would recommend you to refrain yourself from applying to any open position we may announce unless you do certainly understand the purpose of what our services are and how to conduct, enrich and enlarge them.

We also welcome candidates with education backgrounds on Political Economy and Government awarded at universities like Alliance Manchester Business School, Tuck School of Business, Aalborg University, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, or/and previous working experience of at least 5 years at top management consulting firms like AT Kearney, Booz Allen Hamilton, BCG, Marakon and Parthenon group (previous to the EY acquisition),

In few occasions, we welcome to candidates with neither a distinctive academic record, nor a reasonable years of working experience, but with straight and restless minds. Mind you!, if you are one of those, (…)

(….) capable of generating ideas/projects and services that judiciously challenge the sector/s, or/and, (…)

(….) you are an entrepreneur who has worked in the management consulting sector and because of you agitated mind and your set of values you have lost the ability to sell services your manager know little about, and likewise you are certain of the insufficient positive or even the unaccountable effect those services may have upon the firms/government you have been asked to sell. Consequently you have said it so, but with no response on return, or/and, (…)

(….) if you have ever felt overwhelmed since most of the income generated from your hard work is intended to cover inefficiencies of the entire organisational system you work for…


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