The knowledge chamber

Together with our section of solutions, this is perhaps the most dynamic of the sections in our web. We have created two separated but related subsections; (i) the club of the restless agitators, and (ii) the panel of innovators.

The former is an open ground to anyone interested in our areas of expertise. It is dedicated to all those out there which do not have any decent access to any formal channel of communication to post his/her concerns, points of view and interests. You can basically post here anything on the line of our work.

The later will be accessible to a limited and eligible number of individuals, and all upon recommendation, to post their judgement on any issues concerning our fields of expertise: (i) Enterprise competitiveness, (ii) Public governance & territorial development strategies and (iii) Training and education.

In both cases, we reserve the right to terminate your contribution to our site, at any time.

The club of the restless agitators.

In this section, we welcome students, researchers and individuals; in general, any agitated mind that may lack of any market exposure. You can have access and make use of this section to promote your research, and also to publish any of your comments or articles of opinion you may consider relevant to the contents of this web site. However, all with just a few conditions: you will take full responsibility of the contents of any of your submissions. We reserve the right to remove any submitted written paper, document or script, to our own account. Besides, as in the quest to become a reference in our working sector, your contribution should not be a one-off submission, but a regular contribution, instead. Otherwise, we will be obliged to remove you from our club of agitators.

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The panel of innovators.

In his section, only a few number of experts on any of the already above mentioned fields of expertise will constitute this panel.

There are two ways to reach to the status of becoming a member of our panel of innovators.

You can either start by submitting articles of opinion to our section of the club of the restless agitators, and after a while, we may well appoint you to become a member of the panel of innovators; or if it were the case whereby you already had a set of already published papers or articles in the generally known media, you could be appointed for direct entry and become a member of the panel of innovators right away.

Once appointed as an expert, we will create your own site profile, so that you will be able to submit your articles of opinion and promote your work.

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