Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We all met Germán in 2001, and since we have had the opportunity to share work with him. Since that date, we knew that at a certain point in life we would do something memorable all together. That is why, when in 2013 Germán sent us an invitation to get together in London to remember the old good days, we all knew something was about to commence; we did not hesitate to accept his invitation.

All who know him well recognise that behind his seemingly quiet and thoughtful profile a restless and a complex person lies behind, somewhat stubborn but solid as a rock with his convictions, and above all, a reasonable individual.

''I want to do something different and through this, live differently. I want to earn less money and have fewer customers, but work better and be happier. I can not achieve all this if I work for a management consulting firm, as an employee'', German argued to us.... And here it all began.

Sergio Cruz
Managing Associate and Regional Director

''Ideas or answers do not have hierarchy''

Euigon Suh
Managing Associate and Regional Director

''There is always someone out there who is looking for your solution''

Kevin Chan
Managing Associate and Regional Director

''The world is too small not to cross it in a life time''

Ömer Cevik
Managing Associate and Regional Director

''The logic on how to resolve the predictable, always worries me''

German Anitua
Founder and lead Partner

''Wonders and genius (ideas) come through curiosity exploited at the individual level; while the possibilities appear when they are put together''

Our team is sensitive to different business cultures. We are used to doing business at all these following locations: United Kingdom, United States of America (East coast, Centre and West coast), Australia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China mainland, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Spain, Israel, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Thailand, Mexico.

Besides, we can also handle all the following languages as natives we are: French, English, Turkish, Korean, Malay, Spanish, German, Hindi, Chinese (mandarin) and Japanese.