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Euigon Suh

Managing Associate and Regional Director
''There is always someone out there who is looking for your solution''

Since the early 80s Euigon has been concerned to understand the manner in which people learn and the effect of this upon the effective governance of the organisations.

Through a complicated set of mathematical models he works and defines scenarios through which he helps companies to understand their customers and interpret markets in order to define the most optimal strategies for each moment of the life cycle of the industry, sector, company and product / service.

Euigon is an expert in reading and interpreting trends and has therefore been appointed to lead the international market research of companies such as Benz, Daewoo, BMW, Ford, Kia, Samsung, J & J, among others.

Euigon work is key in two aspects. On the one hand, having worked in multinational companies Euigon understands their strategies and thus helps us to make more competitive those suppliers companies that work for these large multinationals. While on the other hand, and to do so, his experience in the field of leadership helps managers to implement the following two lines of work that are crucial: the "Organisational design" and "organizational behavior".

Euigon feels comfortable working in companies with cultures and ways of doing business likes German, Korean, Japanese, Australian, English and American (East coast, mainly).

Euigon graduated and holds a master in psychology from Seoul National University. In addition was awarded a MBA from Manchester Business School in England plus several other postgraduates.

Euigon Suh

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