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Kevin Chan

Managing Associate and Regional Director
''The world is too small not to cross it in a life time''

Kevin has the virtue of knowing and speak fluently in major financial markets as well as to know all those main actors and semi-public and private investors.

Having worked as an analyst for Merrill Lynch Treasury & Co in New York; and as vice president of investments for BNP Paribas in Malaysia gives him the virtue to know the ways of "doing business" in cultures like Canada (British and French), United States of America (East Coast and center, mainly), Australia, Malaysia, India, Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK.

Specialised in a wide range of financial services of all these countries, Kevin has recovered and turned around many companies in crisis where the origin of their situation it was due to an inadequate economic and financial management.

Kevin holds a bachelor's and master in corporate finance as well as an MBA awarded by Manchester Business School, as well as various postgraduates in mergers and acquisitions, consolidations in international markets and in various currencies, and processes of "due diligence" in international markets.

Kevin Chan

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