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German Anitua

Founder and lead Partner
''Wonders and genius (ideas) come through curiosity exploited at the individual level; while the possibilities appear when they are put together''

Germán has the virtue of the ability to "read" the capacity of the competitive development of companies and countries, states and regions from the point of view of the effectiveness and / or toxicity of their ecosystems. After 11 as a British resident, he has dual nationality (English and Spanish).

From the early age of 18 he has been interested in understanding the reasons why certain companies tend to be competitive in some environments, while others cannot. Germán is our expert in defining and implementing those models and regional innovation systems to achieve competitive upon those businesses Governments are interest to attract. In addition he also manages the "detox" of those ecosystems that are not effective enough, by altering its main institutional context.

Similarly, German is an expert in driving strategic innovation on organisations and achieving high performance throughout the value chain; this is managing innovation from concept to commercialisation.He also helps SMEs to growth via internationalisation (performing an action within the country).

In year 2016 he has managed to register a set of over 14 tools on which he has worked for the past four years and which supports both he and the rest of the team for the development of services Brodgar & Mulligan.

All these tools and techniques define the proper method of "innovate with net" and has already been validated by managers of more than twenty companies together by academics from the universities of Cambridge, MIT Sloan and Manchester.

Germán graduated with honors in business management and an MBA from the Manchester Business School, as well as holding a diploma in strategic innovation by MIT Sloan School of Management in the United States and IMD Business School, in Switzerland.

German Anitua

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