• Braveheart
  • 8 Jun 2016
  • By German Anitua Azkarate
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In 1280, King Edward "Longshanks" invades and conquers Scotland following the death of Alexander III of Scotland, who left no heir to the throne.

What we learn

This is one of my favourite films and not so widely used by management gurus. The film give us a number of very important leadership lesson. The first is that people do not follow titles; they follow courage and leaders. The seconf lesson is that every man dies, not every man really lives.

At the end of his life, he is faced with 3 questions...

Did I love, I mean, did I really love?

Did I live, I mean, did I really live?

Did I make a difference?

Did I follow my ideals and convictions?

Did I not betray any of my friends?

A "yes" was the answer to all his five questions. He died in fullness.



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