• By German Anitua Azkarate
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Iñaki and Mario, entrepreneurs and founders of LURGEN have made possible the lighting of the pedestrian tunnel of Miramar, in San Sebastian, Spain

I met Iñaki and Mario in Eibar about 10 months ago when they presented me their project, there. Initially the project had specific characteristics that made it rather difficult to conduct. But being an English partner involved and since I already had worked on similar projects previously, I decided to help them on their way to determine the feasibility of this venture.
I can say now that few entrepreneurs I have seen in the past with their courage. Their strong determination has helped them to face all the adversities with joy and hope. Finally, July 2016 arrived. This is the date where the company´s first development has been set in placed. The first generating of powering plates at the Miramar pedestrian tunnel in the bay de la Concha, San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa. The first of many more projects yet to come. Congratulations to them both.

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