• The legend of the holy drinker
  • 1 Aug 2016
  • By German Anitua Azkarate
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The legend of the holy drinker


It tells a story about an alcohol addict, Andreas, who wants to return money he has borrowed, but fails because he spends all of his money on alcohol.

What we learn

A good samaritan gives Andreas 200 Francs with the expectation that he pay back the debt to St. Therese when he was able. What ensues is a series of improbable events that border on the miraculous, as Andreas drinks through the money or blows it on clothes, fine meals and comfortable lodging, only to once again stumble on 200 Francs. Andreas sincerely wants to pay back St. Therese, but he can't help himself to spend it all. The tone of the story leads us to make us reconsider our decisions everytime a second opportunity is given to us. 

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