• By German Anitua Azkarate
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Another year with a new group of audacious students

One more training sessions to a group of young students who are at the gates to experience what may well be their first big professional experience in a country away from its current "Home / house".
Another year, different students, but year after year they continue manifesting the same concerns. Experience leads you to understand over time that there are many so called "houses", and you'll have several throughout a lifetime, However, home is likely to be just one or at most two. Home is where (environment in which) you develop personal and professionally, and often is not your home country/place of origin.
I encourage you all to face challenges, have life experiences until they turn out to be so many that you will need a third person to help to recall them all. Also travel until you feel claustrophobia of living on such a small planet. At that time you will be certain upon where your house and your home are.
Good luck to you all.

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