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  • The associational economy. Firms, regions and innovation
  • 12 Jun 2016
  • Autor: Philip Cooke & Kevin Morgan
  • Rating:( 2291 votes )

The associational economy. Firms, regions and innovation


Cooke and Morgan explore important issues of corporate reorganization in the context of heightened global competition, focusing upon how firms associate with regional milieu. In-depth studies of inter-firm and firm-agency interactions are presented for four European regions: Baden-Wurttemberg and Emilia-Romagna as accomplished regional economies; Wales and the Basque Country as learning regions. The book is theoretically informed by an evolutionary economics perspective and draws policy conclusions which emphasize the importance of decentralized industrial policy in support of both corporate and regional economic development ambitions. It concludes that the associational economy may be the third way between state and market coordination of modern economies.

Opinion by German Anitua Azkarate

A recommended reading for all those interested in the regional dimensions of innovation and economic development. This book although clearly written for regional specialists, may have even more to offer to economists and other students of technological innovation who want to learn more about the role of regions in the processes of innovation and economic growth. To my opinion this work of Cooke and Morgan complements the work of Whitley and Casper on institutional context and regional competitiveness. Another "must" to be read.

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