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  • Corporate vision and rapid technological change
  • 12 Jun 2016
  • Autor: G.M. Peter Swann & Jas Gill
  • Rating:( 2322 votes )

Corporate vision and rapid technological change


The central focus of this book is on the role of what shall be called the firm´s strategic vision of where technologies and markets are going. The vision is the strategic plan of top management for the future technologies and future markets. Swann and Gill argue that this plays a central role in determining an organisation´s ability to adapt to the challenge of technology and market changes, not just because of its importance in R&D and investment strategy, but also because if a strategic vision is well implemented, technology change will not seem so disruptive as it can be implemented using existing organisational routines.

Opinion by German Anitua Azkarate

This book is intense. Not one of those books you have on your bedside table for bedtime reading. This is a book full of nuances and relationships between concept as crucial as technology, markets, the strategic vision of companies and their ability to implement their decisions. Having been a student of Professor Swann this book follows the same intensity as his classes. A book that has a large number of business cases and in my opinion captures from Chapter 2, and being Chapters 3, 4 and 5 the ones that will open your mind to a wide possibility of new lines of thought and reflection.

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