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  • The retreat of the state. The diffusion of power in the world economy
  • 12 Jun 2016
  • Autor: Susan Strange
  • Rating:( 2995 votes )

The retreat of the state. The diffusion of power in the world economy


Adopting new and much more comprehensive concepts of both power and politics, The Retreat of the State develops a theoretical framework to show who really governs the world economy. It goes on to explore some of the non-state authorities, from mafias to the Big Six accounting firms and international bureaucrats, whose power over who gets what in the world encroaches on that of national governments. The book is a signpost, pointing to some promising new directions for the future development of research and teaching in international political economy. Its originality and scope make The Retreat of the State of great importance for scholars and students of international relations, business and management.

Opinion by german Anitua Azkarate

This is a book that is sobering. from its 12 chapters I would highlight chapter 4 "state sovereignty as social construct" that along with Chapters 5 and 11; "Ethics in international relations" and "A genealogy of sovereignty" respectively tendo to alter upon us several of the arguments presented by governments as unalterable. A reading book for all those responsible for the development of public policies and especially to those rulers of small countries or stateless nations.

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