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  • Managing Corporate Culture, Innovation and Intrapreneurship
  • 19 Jan 2017
  • Autor: Howard W. oden
  • Rating:( 2891 votes )

Managing Corporate Culture, Innovation and Intrapreneurship


This book looks for the first time at the relationships among these elements: innovation, intrapreneurship, and corporate culture; and indicates how these three elements can be integrated to achieve the maximum advantage in global market competition. Oden makes clear that corporations must have not only a culture that supports innovation and intrapreneurship, but an organization and work force that can adapt quickly to exigencies. Also required is a well-structured venturing process. He describes this process in the second part of the book, breaking it down into three phases: concept development, technical development, and business development. 

Opinion by German Anitua Azkarate

This is a book that is easy and quick to read for all those who are committed to corporate strategy concepts. It has been of special interest to me his comparative analysis between strategic planning processes and cultural planning processes and how he integrates both sequentially and orderly; In addition to the successful proposal to create a new economic/social agent to manage such integration, as shown on pages 52 and 53.
On page 248, Oden refers to "The foundations of intrapreneurship politics", an obligatory reading section for all those companies in processes of promoting this strategy as a policy of employee innovation behaviour; At least in my opinion.

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