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  • Prophet of innovation
  • 10 Feb 2017
  • Autor: Thomas K Mccraw
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Prophet of innovation


"Creative destruction," he said, is the driving force of capitalism. His vision was stark: Nearly all businesses fail, victims of innovation by their competitors. Businesspeople ignore this lesson at their peril - to survive, they must be entrepreneurial and think strategically. Yet in Schumpeter's view, the general prosperity produced by the "capitalist engine" far outweighs the wreckage it leaves behind. "Prophet of Innovation" is also the private story of a man rescued repeatedly by women who loved him and put his well-being above their own. Without them, he would likely have perished, so fierce were his conflicts between his reason and his emotions.

Opinion by German Anitua Azkarate

This is a must-read book to be able to speak with propriety and discretion about Schumpeter. In general a profile only known by its coined term of "creative destruction". A book that hooks from his first chapter and where we discover a man who as he is living new experiences is cultivating more his intellect and his curiosity. Because of the circumstances of life that came to life, it is for this reason that Schumpeter argues in a way that may seem curious concepts such as risk, access to capital, and entrepreneurship. Although the same in his life is an example of having been ruined several times in investments made. A mind that although, in my humble opinion, does not reach the one of keynes in a specific subject, it is possible to be said that it surpasses to any of its epic in its capacity of linking event of its life and to generate theories with them. In short, this is a book that should not be missing among the favorites of any restless person in matters of competitiveness, economic history, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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