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In house training for SMEs on all our currently available methodologies, tools and techniques.

Generally speaking, most SMEs share similar issues, worries and concerns. However, the ways to solve them is linked to their particular core assets and liabilities and these are enormously opposite on every case. 


Our three days strategic planning & decision making process.

We have developed this three half-day strategic planning & decision making process specially for the managers of those SMEs for which time is crucial, and therefore to assist managers in establishing a new and relevant process as to provide them with a clear picture of their organisation. We hand them a set of tools and technique replicable on the years to follow.

The Soft-landing Approach Tool.

By making use of our tool, this course will train managers on the field of landing in international markets. Our approach tool consists of a series of modules that can be arranged as wish, so that each training course fits any individual needs.

The AAL Approach Tool.

This course trains managers on how to identify and avoid the three main reasons why innovation fails in any organisation. In the case any of these three reasons applies already to an organisation, the tool also entitles managers to redirect their approach towards innovation.

The CIBS Tool.

This should be a compulsory course to any individual interest in achieving the command of doing business internationally. Initially aligned to CEOs and business directors, the course targets the foundations of the reasons by which in each and every country business is performed differently.

The BAU Approach Tool.

This course emphasises that certain methodologies oriented to improve productivity have nothing to do with the development and implementation of an innovation culture. The course trains managers how to deploy a culture of innovation within your organisation as “Business as Usual” (BAU).

The Soft-landing Approach Tool.

This course targets managers of either very small firms (up to 10 employees) and/or very large firms (up to several thousands of employees). The tool, however, approaches both cases differently. This approach emphasises a method by which managers will work any international market from inside. That is what the word “inter-national-isation” (i) inter, (ii) national, (iii) action means on itself. This is, “to perform an action from within the chosen nation”.

The CWIC Tool.

This course will train any person responsible for the setting of the strategy and the future directions of the organisation to SEE, UNDERSTAND and ENFORCE how to reposition the organisation within the market forces by means of reconfigure the supply chain the organisation belongs to whether on the basis of technology, trends or capabilities.

The Value Creation & Value Capture Tool.

This is one of our five star training courses. This is a course designed to enlighten marketing managers, business directors, business owners and entrepreneurs about the crucial balance between value creation and value capture and its implications for the conduit of any judicious growth strategies. Value creation does not lead to revenues unless sales are committed. However, sales never reach unless the business model has been arranged around the capture of the value rather than around the value creation. Our 2by2 matrix tool entitles managers to have a photo analysis of their current position. In this way you can evaluate the correctness of you business model and value proposition.

The Value Capture Assessment Tool.

This tool is followed up by our value creation & value capture tool. By means of this assessment tool, marketing managers, business directors, business owners and entrepreneurs will be enabled to address perhaps one of the most relevant facets in the management field. The course trains managers to see where and how to modify their business models and value proposition in order to deploy a more effective market and sales strategies.

The Entrepreneurship Policy Map.

This course enables entrepreneurs and international business managers, of either SMEs as larger firms, to choose from a shortlist of world´s best incubator/accelerator. The course will assist you to understand the reasons why mainly intangible aspects are decisive to choose one location against another.

The Spin-off Methodology Approach.

This course targets managers interested in diversifying their businesses by following a quite unrelated strategy and therefore the practice of the spin-off is the best that applies. Our approach is a step-by-step formula where we do not leave any loose ends. You will be surprised to notice all the elements you overlooked in the past.

Curious about any of our tools, techniques and methodologies available?

A four day training course on any three of the most appealing tools ®

Curious about any of our tools, techniques and methodologies available?

A bespoke training program ®

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